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********************** NOTICE **********************
- Hills Bank will discontinue the FUNd Card program
   at year-end.

- The last day for sponsors to order cards is 10/22/2017.

- The final date for adding additional funds to a card is
   November 1, 2017.

- Cards will be available for use through December 29,

- Please call 1-800-HILLSBK for additional information.
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  Fun. Functional. Fundable.  
  The FUNd Card is a great way to give, receive, or manage your money on a reloadable debit card. As a sponsor, you have the ability to stay connected with your recipients' spending by monitoring purchases, limiting spending, adding or removing funds, and setting daily ATM withdrawal limits. Use the FUNd Card to make purchases in places you can't use cash, like via the internet or phone. The FUNd Card is safer than cash, can be used anywhere VISA is accepted, and allows the sponsor and cardholder to track purchases and balances 24/7.